10 High-Income Skills to Learn in 2022-23

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Want to secure a higher-paying job? Here are the top 10 high-income skills to learn to help open doors for you to earn more money.

How to Protect Yourself from Dollar Collapse

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Although the U.S. Dollar is one of the more stable currencies, it is still vulnerable to inflation and diminishing buying power. Even though it is unlikely, the U.S. currency can collapse. Don't be caught off guard if this happens. Keep reading to learn how to take proactive steps to protect yourself from the dollar collapse.

Tax Credit vs. Tax Deduction

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The distinctions between tax credit and tax deductions.

10 Best States to Raise a Family

Thinking of moving to another state? Here are the 10 best states to raise a family based on affordability, education, child care, health, and safety factors.

How Does Inflation Affect Interest Rates?

What is inflation, and how does it affect interest rates?

Top Financial Topics to Discuss with Your Family

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Financial discussions to have with your family.

The Link Between Crime and Poverty in the U.S. by State

What’s the link between poverty and crime? Emperor of the Roman Empire and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 A.D.) said poverty is the mother of crime.

Cash App Business Account vs. Personal Account

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Debating between a Cash App personal vs. business account? We've compiled their pros, cons, and perks to help you decide which one is the best fit.

14 Ways to Stick to a Budget and Avoid Overspending

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Getting your finances in order doesn't happen overnight. It requires meticulous planning and discipline to stick to a budget and avoid overspending. The following 14 ways should get you started in the right direction.

What Is a Financial Background? How to Check It Yourself

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It is important to maintain good financial standing. One way to check if your finances are doing well is to conduct a financial background check. We go over the basics of what a financial background check is and how to check it yourself.

Fixed, Variable, and Periodic Expenses

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Before getting your finances in order and creating a budget, you need to know the differences between fixed, variable, and periodic expenses. Keep reading to understand how these costs differ and how you can change your spending to save more money.

Cheap vs. Frugal

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Although cheap and frugal may seem synonymous, they refer to two different types of people. Both cheap and frugal individuals aim to save money. We compare cheap vs. frugal people and the pros and cons of each saving method.

60-Day Rollover: What You Need to Know

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The IRA has special rules and regulations when it comes to rolling over accounts. To ensure you make a smooth transition, the following guide will help you know what to expect.

What Should I Know About Guaranteed Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans?

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Bad credit can be a debilitating part of the lives of many adults. Individuals are constantly worried about their interest payments and if they can meet all of their obligations.

What Benefits Can I Claim When Pregnant and Unemployed?

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Expectant mothers can face hefty costs during their pregnancy that may strain their finances. Although this may be daunting, don't fret. Many government and private organizations offer assistance to future mothers.

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

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If you've ever wondered whether it's possible to receive free crypto, it is. We offer some old and new ways to get free cryptocurrency.

What Happens to Your 401k When You Leave a Job?

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Since your 401k is linked to your employer, you won’t be able to contribute to it anymore when you quit your job. If you want to keep adding to it, you can move it out of your old company’s account and into a new retirement savings plan.

What Is the Risk Management Process?

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Risk management refers to recognizing potential dangers and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them. The process includes designing action plans for all off-the-track situations. There are four simple steps to follow. This blog will delve into the process and the pros and cons of managing risks in your day-to-day operations.

More Information about Cash Advance Fees

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If you wait until you receive your cash advance loan to start thinking about the rates and fees, then you’ve waited too long. It’s important to plan for your funding before you request your money. Part of that planning should include you thinking about the total cost of the loan and figuring out how you’ll be able to pay it off on time.

How Does Refinancing Work on a Car?

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Refinancing a car loan is replacing the existing loan with a new one with different terms. Typically, this is done through a different lender, and your car acts as collateral to secure the new loan. In general, auto refinancing is a good choice when it helps you save money in interest.

Personal Loans vs Payday Loans: Top Differences

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A payday loan is a small, short-term type of financing, usually ranging from $100 to $500. To get more financing, the borrower may apply for a personal loan.

What Must an Entrepreneur Do After Creating a Business Plan?

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The first step to starting a business is creating a business plan. To ensure sustained growth, an entrepreneur must consider many factors, including how they will fund the business, where they will establish their presence, and proper licensing.

Find a Christmas Payday Loan for 2021

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According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers will spend up to $859 billion on gifts, holiday items, and non-gift purchases for themselves and their families this year. That's up 10% from last year, showing that shoppers are more confident about spending this holiday season.

Grant vs Loan: What’s the Difference?

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When you need financial assistance, many options can help you, such as getting a grant or a loan. However, before you decide which solution is best for you, familiarize yourself with each product to make an informed decision.

An Introduction to Alternative Lending

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It can be challenging to qualify for traditional loans, but banks aren’t the only sources of funding as the alternative lending industry continues to grow. Application and approval processes for these loans are relatively faster and more convenient through the use of machine learning. Alternative lenders also assess risk differently when determining an applicant’s eligibility, which may offer more funding options to borrowers.