What to Do If You Can't Afford Car Insurance

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If you are unable to afford car insurance, you might think of driving without it. Unfortunately, this isn't legal. Below we explore some legal ways solutions if you can't afford car insurance.

How to Get Out of Debt: Beginning Your Journey Towards Financial Independence

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Debt can seem insurmountable, but it doesn't have to be. The journey toward financial freedom starts here – read on to learn the steps to get out of debt.

How to Ask for Money: A Practical Guide for Delicate Situations

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When you find yourself needing money, you might not know how to go about asking for help. In this blog, we'll guide you through this time, giving you practical strategies to ask for money.

Unlock Festive Funds: Navigating Christmas Loans for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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While the winter holidays are the best time of year, they are also the time of year when the most is spent. A Christmas loan can make this time of year extra special, giving you extra funds to spend on holiday cheer.

How to Get Approved for a Cell Phone With Bad Credit: Tips & Strategies

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Don't let bad credit stop you from getting a new cell phone. Keep reading to learn how you can upgrade your device despite damaged credit.

Need Money to Pay Rent Tomorrow? Here Are 10 Options to Try

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Many of us have been there – short on funds for rent with the first of the month creeping closer. If you need emergency cash to pay for rent, keep reading to learn how you can make ends meet.

How to Manage Finances in a Marriage

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Communication is key, especially when discussing finances with your spouse. Whether you're a newlywed or in your golden years, keep reading to learn how to manage finances in your marriage.

Need a Loan Now but Keep Getting Refused?

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Do you need a quick emergency loan but keep getting denied? You're not out of options. Read on to find out what you can do to get the money you need.

Are Wedding Loans a Good Way to Cover Costs?

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Weddings are one of the happiest days, but they come at a high price. Are you planning your big day but need a financial boost? Keep reading to find out if wedding loans are a good way to cover the costs.

Fixed or Variable: Deciding the Best Student Loan Rate

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One of the most important considerations when pursuing higher education is choosing between variable and fixed-interest student loan rates. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons. Make smarter student loan decisions.

I Need Money Desperately: Simple Steps to Generate Fast Cash

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Many individuals find themselves needing quick emergency cash. If you're in the same situation, you're not alone. Keep reading to learn some steps to help you generate emergency funds.

No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval: Fact or Fiction?

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If you have damaged credit and are looking for financing, you may be wondering if no credit check guaranteed loans are real. Read on to find out if no credit check loans are available or not.

How to Get a Car Loan

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Are you looking to buy a new car but don't have the funds upfront? Consider getting a car loan to help bridge the financial gap. Keep reading to learn more about car loans.

Tribal Loans: Comparing Native American Installment & Payday Options

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In a financial emergency and need quick cash? Keep reading to learn more about tribal loans, including requirements, interest rates, and consumer protections.

How to Save Money During Times of Inflation

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The U.S. might be facing another recession. This means higher inflation. Don't get caught unprepared. Learn how you can save money during inflation.

The Benefits of Owning a Home: More Than Just a Roof Over Your Head

Homeownership comes with tax breaks, investment opportunities, and emotional rewards. Read on to find out how you can benefit from owning a home.

How Often Do Your Credit Score and Credit Report Update?

Do you know how often your credit score updates? You might be surprised with how often it changes.

What Is a Moving Loan with Bad Credit?

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Are you moving and need a little extra cash to cover the costs? Here's everything you need to know about moving loans and what they cover.

How to Break a Poverty Mindset for Financial Abundance

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A poverty mindset is a belief that one lacks resources or money. Keep reading to see if you might be struggling with this kind of mindset.

Does Closing a Bank Account Hurt Your Credit?

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Are there consequences to closing a bank account? Does it hurt your credit score? We answer these questions and more in the following blog.

The Characteristics and Types of Poverty

Learn about the types of poverty and the methods to overcome it.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Financial Goals

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What are SMART financial goals? Keep reading to learn how to use it and make the most of your money.

Can I Pawn My Car and Still Drive It?

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If you're wondering whether you can pawn a car and still drive it, the answer is yes. However, there may be some strings attached. Keep reading to find out.

Key Benefits of Virtual Payments

Virtual payments have changed the way people send and receive money. Keep reading to learn about its benefits.

What Is Financial Abuse? Three Warning Signs

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Unfortunately, financial abuse comes in many forms and occurs too often. Fortunately, you can take action against it with the following steps.