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How to Make Extra Money Even with a Full-Time Job

Date Published: May 16, 2019
Jim Hughes, writer at
Sophia Rodrigez, reviewer at

A passive revenue stream can create an additional salary outside of having a nine to five job.

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Since time is more valuable than money when one is able to free up more time, it gives them the ability to focus on how to make extra money. Or they can spend that time doing the things they love, like spending it with their family or traveling the world.

Passive income has been able to help people make extra money they never thought was possible. There are many types of ways to make passive income, whether it's online or offline. One passive income stream generally isn't enough to live luxuriously, but it can add a nice cushion when supplementing a steady income.

Let’s look at how to make extra money through passive income, and how the power of passive income can open the door to a realm of other possibilities.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is money for nothing. Well, not quite nothing. It requires setting up a mechanism that generates regular income without the need for further work. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s look at some sources of passive income to see just how common it is.

Generate extra money through affiliate marketing.

Some different types of passive streams of income: having a YouTube channel, renting a house out, creating an app or software, creating an e-book, creating a podcast and interviewing experts, selling merchandise on a blog, selling an online course with a membership fee, selling artwork (or other people's artwork) online, creating a blog with links to an affiliate product, plus there are many other ways of making a passive income. People can invest in their life by taking out payday loans for self-employed and pay for some courses or training programs and finally get started.

Passive income gives people the ability to make extra money, which can help them avoid needing to take out an emergency payday loan in the future. Having a passive revenue stream can help bulk up one’s savings account, making it easier to pay off unexpected expenses.

The Power of Passive Income

Not only will creating a passive stream of income give one more capital with which to invest, but it will also offer better opportunities to create more assets. This should free up a lot of our time that would normally go toward working a nine to five job.

Imagine making an additional $1,000 a month without having to work. For a lot of people, it can give them the option to take a vacation, help out a charity, or to invest into an opportunity that they wouldn't have been able to invest in previously.

Along with the obvious financial gains they would receive from creating a passive stream of income, it would also free up a lot of their time. Most people don't need much to replace their current job. The average median income for Americans is close to $3,900 a month. People who sell products online could sell one item for $39 one hundred times a month (that's only selling three products a day) and it would replace their income. What if they only sold 50? Well, that's halfway there.

If compound interest is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world, then passive income is the ninth. Passive income will not only help one make money while they're sleeping, but it can also be something that's easily acquired if learned the right way.

Profits are always better than wages. Why get paid for working a certain amount of hours ($15 an hour), when it is possible to make $15 every time someone buys something from a website? It's astonishing how much of a difference it can make when 100 people buy something in just one month.

Most of the ways to create an extra stream of income online cost a lot of money. However, the best way to make money online when working a nine to five job is to create passive income.

The Best Passive Income Stream

As I mentioned earlier, selling a product online can be one of the best ways to create an extra source of income. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, they don't have any idea of what to sell, nor do they have the ability to purchase the amount of inventory that's required to be successful with selling things online.

There’s an easy solution to this problem.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves setting up a website and driving traffic to someone else's product and getting paid a commission for selling the item for them.

Here are some benefits that show why having an affiliate website is better than any other source of passive income:

  • No products need to be made
  • Pay is based on performance
  • It is cost effective
  • Pay for traffic only if it converts (CPA, PPA, or CPC traffic)
  • Make money while sleeping
  • Doesn't require being an expert
  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited marketing strategies and different sources of traffic

The sky is the limit for anyone who takes affiliate marketing seriously. Once someone understands how to make a website, drive traffic, and market effectively, they can use their knowledge and skills to create more websites that can be lucrative.

With the vast amount of people buying things online, the most important thing someone can do when starting affiliate marketing is to position themselves as an authoritative figure online (branding, consistently creating blogs, having testimonials about the product, and creating a favicon image that shows up in the website’s tab on the browser, are just a few ways to help establish a better reputation).

The second most important thing someone can do when using affiliate marketing is to focus on getting good at driving traffic (focus on becoming an expert for one traffic source), don't try to create too many sources of traffic. Learn how to master at least one first. This prevents people from getting burned out and failing because they weren't able to create any traction.

The truth is that anyone can start affiliate marketing that wants to make extra money online. But not everyone will make money because a lot of people will give up before they even get started.

What's Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

That was a bird's eye view of affiliate marketing. It's basically using referrals online to sell a product for another company. Let's dive a little deeper into affiliate marketing and how it works.

There are many affiliate programs that anyone can sign up for, websites like ClickBank, MaxBounty, JVZoo, Amazon, and even eBay have affiliate programs to be a part of. They will pay anyone to promote and sell their products for them. Imagine someone clicking on a link to an Amazon page and buying something from Amazon and then receiving a commission for it. Not only does the affiliate get paid, but they're also sending the customer to a reputable website like Amazon, which ships hundreds of thousands of items out every day.

After choosing an affiliate program to sign up for, there's a list of different items the affiliate can promote through their website. After choosing a product to sell, the affiliate must drive traffic to their website (or to a company's website), and when anyone buys that product, the affiliate receives a commission.

Most online companies use affiliate marketing. From Amazon to Uber, and almost all the companies in between. They are paying people to refer new customers and clients. Ever visited a blog where they have an Amazon link or some other link to a website to purchase a product they recommend? Guess what,  nine times out of ten that's an affiliate link.

With low start-up costs, the only thing that's really left to getting started in affiliate marketing is the willingness, dedication, and consistency that has to be put into the project.

Affiliate marketing isn't a get rich quick scheme. However, it is one of the most powerful ways for someone who is new to making money online to create a passive income. Not much knowledge or capital is required. Those who rely on disability payday loans may be able to break out of the cycle by generating income through online marketing.

A lot of people in the past would get stuck on creating websites and driving traffic. Now that work can be farmed out. Places like have people who will set up an affiliate website, and they even come with built-in e-mail campaigns.

Those looking to create an extra source of income may benefit from online marketing.

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