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Can You Get a Payday Loan with No Employment Verification?

by Jim Hughes   August 30, 2019

Lenders usually won’t offer you a loan if they do not think you can pay back the money. Fortunately, there are ways to show a lender you can repay a loan even if you cannot show proof of employment.

Learn about receiving a loan when you are not employed.

Borrowing money is the easiest and hardest thing in the world. It’s easy to ask for a payday loan with no employment verification. You might even get the money if you can prove you generate revenue. However, paying back the cash can be nearly impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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To answer the question asked in the headline: yes, it is possible to get funding without having a traditional job. You aren’t even alone. Nearly a third of American workers have an alternative primary income source.

Most lenders insist that you be able to back the loan, but that doesn’t mean with cash from a traditional job.

The ABCs of Alternative Lending

If you aren’t prepared, taking out a no employment verification payday loan is a death sentence to your budget and credit score. Remember the ABCs of using a loan, and you should be just fine: ask for the right amount, budget your finances, and complete the loan.

Ask for the Right Amount

The lender may try to get you to take out more than you need. Lenders want to make as much off you as possible, and that means lending more to you than you asked for so they can charge you more interest. You don’t always have to let them do that. Try to take out less – or, exactly what you need. That way, you do not pay extra interest.

In some states, it’s against the law for lenders to charge high APR on small-dollar loans. To get around that, the lenders only offer loans starting at the amount where they can charge more. Try to read up on the regulations for your area to be in a better position to negotiate with the lender.

Budget Your Finances

Paying back a short-term loan is very difficult. When the lender automatically takes the lump sum (your loan plus the agreed-upon fees) out of your next paycheck, you will be left with a fraction of what you’re used to receiving each pay period. That amount will have to last you until your next paycheck.

Many fall behind. Some never catch back up.

Your number one goal after taking out a 30-day payday loan should be to pay off the loan without needing to borrow more cash. Using the credit to pay off credit compounds the interest that you owe, leaving you with more debt than you may have been planning on.

That’s why you need to plan your budget before you take out the first loan. Then, do everything you can to follow the plan by paying off your loan and avoiding credit for as long as possible.

Complete the Loan

You aren’t finished with your loan until it’s fully paid off. That means not rolling it over into another loan. It also means improving your credit to the point where you don’t have to use a payday loan in the future.

There are better ways to borrow than short-term lending. However, you need to have a good credit score to take advantage of many of these options. Improving your credit score is possible if you make your payments on time. Even the worst credit mistakes will only stay on your report for seven years. If you start repairing your credit now, you may be able to borrow for less soon.

How About an Online Loan with No Credit Check and No Employment Verification?

Receiving a no credit check loan is not possible.

We were happy to be able to tell you that it is possible to find credit even if you do not have a job. Regrettably, we do not have good news for those wanting to avoid a credit check. Lenders will always check your credit score before offering a loan.

The lender needs to check your credit to verify you are who you say you are. They will also use your credit score information to adjust the cost of your loan. While you may end up paying more for your loan if you have a bad credit score, you may still be able to receive funding.

Common Ways to Generate Income

Most lenders want to see that you’re making at least $1,000 a month before they will lend to you. That doesn’t have to be through traditional employment, but the money needs to come from somewhere. Here are a few revenue sources that lenders are used to seeing:

Government Aid

If you receive a check from the government each month (welfare, Social Security, etc.), then a lender will consider this as revenue when making a credit decision. If you do not currently receive any benefits, now may be a good time to check and see if you qualify for any. Not only will this money help you in the near-term, but it may also make it easier for you to borrow money in the future.


While freelance work is not always a stable source of income, it may still count toward future potential revenue. More and more Americans are joining the gig economy, so alternative lenders are adapting, and many are more willing to lend to those without a steady income.

Online Marketplace

Be sure to let the lender know about the money you make selling items online. Income generated from an Etsy or Amazon store counts as revenue. If you aren’t doing this already, then it doesn’t make sense to start just to be approved for a loan, though.

Other Valid Income Sources

Most loan request forms ask you for your main source of income. “Job income” is usually one of many options. Others we have not mentioned yet include:

● Benefits

 You may generate most of your income through a gift or payment provided by someone other than a traditional employer.

● Pension

If you are retired, then you may receive money from your previous employer through a pension plan.

● Disability income

If you were injured on the job, then you may be receiving money each month through disability payments.

These are just a few of the possible income sources out there. Most loan request forms list these options and more. Do not worry if you receive money each month through a source not mentioned in this article. Chances are the lender will count it as a valid income source if the money is reliable.

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