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by Philip Nelroy   Last updated: December 3, 2019
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Those who are stuck in a tight financial situation because of an unforeseen expense or medical emergency should remember that they always have options. An emergency payday loan is one example. Short-term funding provides money to resolve situations quickly. However, there are factors and pitfalls that the consumer should keep in mind.

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1. When Used Correctly, Emergency Payday Loans May Help You Improve Your Credit Score

Disciplined consumers have been known to use emergency loans to improve their credit scores. The loan will won't affect your score in the short-term. Timely payments can improve your score after a few months, assuming the lender reports your payment(s) to the credit bureaus. These payments are an excellent way to show creditors and loan establishments that you can manage commitments. They can also be helpful in securing larger loans in the future. In short, if you manage emergency loans responsibly, you may be in better shape the next time you need funding.

Likewise, by making timely payments consistently, you can effectively offset black marks on your credit report. As such, it's crucial that when you take loans that you are confident that your income stream allows you to pay off. It is recommended that you give yourself ample leeway to avoid worst-case scenarios where you are unable to make payments on time.

To get the most out of your loan, make certain that your credit agency has all the necessary forms, invoices, and regulatory documents necessary to confirm that your payments have been made on time and on a consistent basis.

2. Emergency Loans Can Be Remarkably Flexible

An emergency payday loan will differ from standard loans in a few key ways. Most will require you to pay once you receive your next paycheck. While this option may be available to you with emergency loans as well, you will also be able to set up time frames a for installment-based payments. These payments are nearly identical to those offered by conventional financing institutions. Most providers will limit installment-based payments to larger loans. Normally, lenders do not allow installment plans for loans less than $1,000.

An emergency payday loan will carry a number of fees. These fees exist to ensure the lender earns a profit off your loan. Interest rates, general fees, insurance rates, and administrative fees are all common. The latter will be required if there are third parties, like brokers and administrators, that require payment for managing your transaction.

As you might expect, timely payments are important. Additionally, the interest rates associated with these loans have the potential to add up at a rapid pace. If you aren't careful, they can easily sneak up on you.

There is also the potential for rollover fees. If you cannot pay off a short-term loan and work with the lender to extend the due date, some costs steadily accumulate as you continue to pay off your loan. These are typically referred to as rollover fees. While these may appear as simple late fees at first, they are a bit more complex. These fees have their own interest rates attached. As a result, failure to pay for them can result in more late fees and interest rates. Most lenders have solutions available should these scenarios present themselves. That said, it is best to plan well in advance to ensure that this scenario doesn't occur. The rapid accumulation of fees is one risk of short-term funding. Wise distribution of your funds and timely payments can help you avoid paying more for the loan than you had planned on.

Lenders expect you to offer up-to-date contact information. The lender needs to know that they can reach out to you if necessary. It is also important that you are able to communicate with the lender when necessary.

What kinds of communication options do lenders require? Home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, a home address, and an email address are all regularly required. If you aren't able to provide personal contact information, you can provide any immediate family member's contact information as an alternative. That said, lenders may not want you to use your significant other's contact information if you are not married.

Reasons Consumers Need Fast Funding

There are many reasons why customers may need to request fast funding. Sometimes it’s because of an unexpected emergency. When this is the case, a short-term loan can be a suitable option, so long as the borrower is confident that he or she can pay back the funds within the specified time frame.

There are some customers who use short-term funding to address long-term debt. For example, a consumer will use a short-term loan to make a payment on a larger loan. Using loans to pay for loans is ill-advised, as it creates more interest, which means the money owed is harder to pay off. If you are suffering from unmanageable debt, your best choice might be speaking with a debt counselor. A professional may be able to help you plot out a budget where you are able to make your payments on time without needing to borrow more money. Your state website should have resources that are available to you. Some of these options may even be free to use.

How One May Get Approved for an Emergency Loan

You can save time applying for emergency payday loans from a direct lender by knowing the requirements for approval before you start. They are similar, though sometimes a bit stricter, than those held by conventional payday loan lenders. As such, even if your financial history is shaky, online payday loan lenders may be willing to work with you.

First, a job and a verifiable stream of steady income are important. These factors tell the lender that you are capable of providing a paycheck to cash on your due date. Approval is never guaranteed. You should always be willing to apply to multiple loan outlets — this may increase the chances that you will find a suitable loan for your situation.

Because emergency scenarios mean you need your money quickly, lenders may suggest payday loans direct deposit as a quick and direct delivery method. Direct deposit means that your lender will send the sum of your loan directly to your bank or checking account. As a result, a valid checking account is usually a requirement for an immediate payday loans lender to work with you. Some will offer alternative means of delivery, however.

If you are working with a lender with a storefront location, you can potentially receive your loan in cash. And cash loans will rarely affect the size of your loan or the interest rates attached. If this isn't an option, you can request the cash be delivered to you in another way.

Your credit card may provide another solution, as well. Cash advances through your credit card (please note, these are different from the “cash advances” that are short-term loans) are typically much smaller in size, but they are one of the fastest ways to get emergency funding. With cash advances, your interest rate will be deducted from the sum at the point of transaction. Then, you pay back the loan by addressing your regular credit card statement.

Unfortunately, a cash advance requires a credit card. In an emergency when you do not already have a credit card, this may not be a viable solution. Also, credit card companies can charge a steep fee for this service. Sometimes, this fee can exceed the amount required using a short-term loan. If both options are available, we recommend that you compare the fees and choose the option that will be cheaper in the long run. When comparing the fees, make sure you calculate in how long it will take you to pay back the loan through your credit card, as the longer it takes to repay the loan, the more interest you will end up owing to your credit card company.

Emergency loans can turn nightmare scenarios into minor inconveniences. So long as you take them responsibly and with purpose, you should have a positive and gainful experience working with your selected payday loan outlet.

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