Black Friday Payday Loans -- Request Yours Today!

by Jim Hughes   November 12, 2018

Christmas doesn’t always wait until your next paycheck – so if you’re using a payday loan to help pay for your holiday gifts, stretch that loan and take advantage of Black Friday sales.

Black Friday payday loans

Once a year, retailers pull out the stops and offer monster, “doorbuster” discounts -- which can start shopping right now with a payday loan. It’s how stores entice shoppers. If you shop smart, Black Friday can help you spend less on big holiday gifts. Read on for tips on how to handle the sales and stretch your holiday loan. If you need a Black Friday payday loan, we can try to find a lender.

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Everything isn’t a doorbuster. It used to be that retailers operated at a loss until the Holidays rolled around. They called it Black Friday because it’s when they’d finally go from being in the red (losing money) to being in the black (making money). That’s not true anymore. Retailers are expected to be profitable every quarter, but more so in the fourth when holiday shopping boosts sales. To get more people to come to their stores, retailers will offer doorbusters, or popular items sold at a very big markdown. Of course, they don’t make money selling 50-inch HDTVs for $150.  

Those crazy discounts are there to lure shoppers in and fool them into spending money on the non-deals. The hope is you’ll go for the doorbusters and stay for the regularly priced items. We recommend that you only buy the doorbusters. Don’t waste your Black Friday payday loan on regularly priced items. You can buy those after your next paycheck when you’ve paid off your loan. They might even be on sale by then.

You won’t save money. There’s no such thing as a Black Friday payday loan deal. The loan itself will be just as expensive as it always is. (And chances you won’t save enough money to cancel out the interest you’ll pay on the loan.)

You can find most of the biggest deals online. Every year, more stores up the ante on their online Black Friday deals. It’s gotten to the point where you’ll find as many deals shopping online on Nov. 27 as you will in store. That’s why we suggest dodging the lines altogether. It’s just not worth it to wait outside in the cold when you can get the same deal (or at least a very similar one) by shopping online. And stores know that fewer people are showing up to show the deals in person, so they may not stock as many doorbusters anyway.

Here's a helpful blog that shows the start times for online Black Friday sales. Several stores have already started their deals, which brings us to our next point …

Some stores have their biggest deals on Thanksgiving Day. In case you hadn’t heard, a number of major stores are opening their doors for Black Friday sales one day early. That’d be Thanksgiving Day. The culprits include Kmart, Meijer, Dollar General, JC Penney, and Walmart. Over the last few years there has been consumer pushback against this practice, and this year fewer stores will be open on Turkey Day. Chances are you’d rather spend the holiday with family and friends rather than shop. But you should at least know that some stores will kick off their sales a little early.

Do your research and read the Black Friday flyers. Before you spend that Black Friday payday loan, be sure you know which stores are offering the best deals. Black Friday print ads usually show up in your newspaper around Thanksgiving. But did you know they’re already available online? These ads usually leak a few weeks before the holiday. That means you can start your research right now and plan out what you’re going to buy where. It’s worth the research. Just don’t plan on being able to hit more than one store. Most of the big doorbusters sell out fast. If you’re shopping online you might be able to shop a couple different sites before the deals sell out. If you’re lining up outside a store, you likely won’t be able to make it to a second store before the deals sell out.

Even the best deals cost money. It’s kind of ridiculous that the phrase “save money” is so closely associated with shopping and finding deals, since the best way to save money is not to spend it at all. Still, the holidays don’t exactly make it easy to pinch those pennies. It’s a dilemma that you’ll have to solve for yourself, but while you’re making that unfortunate decision, do your best to spend as little as possible, and remember that just because something is on an incredible sale, that doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Stay away from the really busy stores. Some retailers don't have enough employees to control the crowds. Things can get out of hand. People have been injured. It's best to stay away from locations where you know it's going to be a madhouse.

Don’t forget about Cyber Monday. As online stores first started to get traction, they launched Cyber Monday as an answer to Black Friday. The idea was you’d shop in-store on Black Friday, and then you’d check out the online deals the following Monday. What’s happened, though, is that online Black Friday shopping has become incredibly popular. That’s led to a shift away from Cyber Monday. You’ll still find deals on Monday (and every day leading up to Christmas), but the shopping holiday isn’t as big as it used to be. We hope you get a lot of bang out of your Black Friday payday loan bucks. If you need to find a lender right now, we can help you do that. Happy holidays!

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