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by Philip Nelroy   Last updated: December 3, 2019
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Payday loans are a resource for meeting immediate short-term cash needs when you are faced with an emergency. They have helped millions of people throughout the country who have found themselves needing cash between paydays. It’s the perfect solution for those who need to get their hands on some cash fast. With today’s technology, getting access to short-term cash is just a phone call away.

Your Immediate Short-Term Cash Needs

Emergencies can strike at any time. You never know when you may need short-term cash.

Don’t get caught by surprise without a fast and reliable solution. A 24 hour payday loan lenders can provide you with fast and reliable cash over the phone today in just a few easy steps. Whatever your short-term cash needs may be, there are lenders available around the clock to assist.

Whether you need immediate cash for auto repairs for a car that has broken down unexpectedly or you have a broken appliance such as a hot water heater or a malfunctioning garage door, whatever the emergency may be, a fast and easy payday loans by phone may be the answer.

apply for payday loans by phone

Cash Needed to Make Ends Meet

Sometimes you may be short on cash and simply need to make ends meet between paydays – you need cash and need a place to turn for immediate short-term solutions. Payday loans are fast and reliable, secure, and confidential.

Request payday loans by phone

It can be embarrassing to discover you are short on cash while trying to pay for something. It helps to stay one step ahead of your finances. When you need money, your mobile phone might be the answer. Simply apply for a Payday Loan over the phone by using your mobile device.

When communicating with a cash advance representative over the phone, the operator will walk you through the application process. It should only take a few minutes to find out your answer.

Re-Applying for a Payday Loan is Easy

After applying for a payday loans over the phone for the first time, it’s even easier to apply the next time you’re in need of cash; simply repay the loan on your next payday to make sure you’re always in good standing with our company. Then, when you call the company back on the phone, they may be able to find you another loan using the information they have on file.

Bad Credit Might Be Okay

You may be concerned if your credit is not at its best. However, many U.S. consumers with low credit have been able to find a payday loan for bad credit. Lenders understand that life happens and that sometimes situations are beyond your control. While traditional lenders base most of their risk assessment model on credit score, short-term loan providers may provide more wiggle room when reviewing applicants. One reason that short-term lenders can afford to work with riskier consumers is that they charge higher interest rates. The extra money goes toward funding the defaults.

Two Easy Ways to Apply for Payday Loan by Phone

As stated above, your next payday loan is just a phone call away. Some lenders who let you apply by phone are open 24 hours a day seven days a week for your convenience. Upon calling for a payday loans over the phone, one of the representatives will assist you by asking for some basic information, which may include:

  • Contact information such as your name, address, and date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Information about your job
  • Bank Account Information

The application process normally takes about five minutes providing you have all of the information needed when you call.

The representative may send a copy of the completed application to your email address. If this is your first time applying for a Payday Loan, you may be required to provide the lender with a copy of a voided check and an electronic signature.

Once approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

If you prefer to apply for your payday loan online, you can make a loan request through our site. After providing your contact information, information about your job, your checking account, your Social Security number, and email address, we will attempt to connect you with one of the lenders we work with. You will see your on-screen results within a few minutes.

If you are connected with a lender, the lender may ask you to submit a loan application. After your application has been received, processed, and if approved, you should receive an electronic payment directly into your bank account.

24-Hour Payday Loan Over the Phone Just Got Easier

24-hour Payday Loans can be easier when applied for over the telephone. Not only is the application process simplified, but you are often guided step by step by a helpful loan representative.

If you are faced with cash shortage issues in the future, you can turn to short-term lenders for help. Alternative lending provides fast and easy services without sacrificing quality.

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