How It Works

Get Started
Take a few minutes to fill out our simple loan request form. Don’t worry about your information being safe; our website is secured by the latest technology. We don’t ask for a lot of information, only what is necessary to get your loan request accepted. If your loan request is approved, we will try to find you a lender right away. If we are unable to pair you with a lender, you will find out immediately.
Get Paired
After we pair you with a third party lender, you are redirected to their website. The lender makes you a loan offer, presents you with terms, and asks for your approval. If you approve of the terms, you’re one step closer to getting your money. If you change your mind and don’t want the loan, simply decline it.
Get Your Money
Once you agree to the lender’s terms and are approved for a loan, your money will be deposited into your personal bank account, usually as soon as the next business day. It couldn’t be simpler to get your money!

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a short-term, small-money loan that can be used for emergency cash when other loan options are not available to the borrower. This type of loan can be funded faster than a traditional bank loan. Acceptance for a cash advance is usually not dependent on a high credit score. The amount borrowed and the fees charged are determined by the lender and are influenced by the borrower’s credit score, location, and other factors. Some lenders offer an online application that allows the borrower to complete most (if not all) of the application process from their home computer.

What is an Installment Loan?

An installment loan is a form of closed-end credit where the borrower repays the loan through a series of scheduled payments. Installment loans tend to have lower APRs than loans with shorter terms, though that may not always be the case. The amount you can borrow depends on several factors, but you may be eligible for as much as $5,000 when paired through

Cash Advance Phone Number

If you’d like to request your short-term loan over your cell phone or landline telephone, please use this cash advance phone number: 1 (844) 675-7424. The automated system is ready to help you through the loan request process. You can use the intuitive step-by-step system to try to reach your goal of requesting a loan.

After you call the number, the system will ask you for some basic information and then may try to pair you with a trusted lender. The entire process may only take a few minutes. If paired, you can be directly connected to a lender without needing to hang up and redial.

Easy Repayment

Repaying your loan couldn’t be easier. Providing your banking information allows your lender to deposit your cash advance directly into your bank account. Automatic withdrawal can also be set up to make paying off the loan even easier.

Be aware that if you agree to a loan, full repayment is expected. Read the loan agreement in full before signing the contract. Your lender provides the terms and conditions for your online cash advance and repayment is on their terms. Late payments or failure to pay back your cash advance will lead to more fees, higher debt, and debt collection activities. Failure to repay your loan can also hurt your credit score.

Your lender may offer to extend, refinance, or renew your cash advance loan which also leads to more charges, fees, and interest. Not every lender is the same and each sets their own terms for each of these activities. Please read your loan agreement to better understand your lender’s specific policies and procedures.