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by Jim Hughes   April 30, 2018

Looking for a payday loan to fix your cell phone? Here’s everything you should read about first.

How many times have you accidentally knocked your cell phone from a table, locker, counter, or even from the top of a washing machine and the phone screen shattered into dozens of pieces?

It has happened to most of us at least one time. The response to the inevitable crashing of a cell phone to the ground should not be one of utter shock. Instead, we should discover everything we need to know about cell phone screen repair.

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Common Do It Yourself Cell Phone Screen Repairs

Dropping your phone and cracking the screen should not ruin your day. In fact, many cases of cell phone screen repair require only a little tinkering. You need to have access to a few common tools and possess a little patience to fit the right size screw into the correct hole.

The Tools You Need

Regardless of the type of handset you own, you can expect to use the same tools. Some phones simply require a little more elbow grease to open.

WARNING: Attempting to repair your smartphone on your own may void your warranty.

Here is a list of tools to have handy for cheap cell phone screen repair:

  • Screwdriver Kit
  • Specialty Size Screw Heads
  • Screen Pry Tool

DIY Fixing a Cracked Screen

Performing a cheap cell phone screen repair can either be an easy job that takes minutes or a complex project that requires the steady hands of a surgeon. For all phone screen repairs, you must disassemble the phone by removing the screen from the frame of the phone. Reputable phone manufacturers include guides with the purchase of a phone that provide step by step instructions for removing the screen. If the manufacturer has fused together the glass and digitizer, then replacing the screen can be a struggle. However, most screens pop right off and replacing the screens does not cost much.

Stuck or Loose Pop up Button

Some Smartphone models include a pop-up button that makes removing the screen a breeze. Nonetheless, pop-up buttons can become stuck or wriggle loose from the connecting trigger. You can purchase a replacement button and make the switch, without pulling your hair out in frustration. Once again you must pry open the screen to make the button change. As an alternative to prying off the screen, some cell phone manufacturers offer software that fixes button issues.

Benefits of DIY Phone Screen Repair

Do it yourself replacement of a phone screen represents a type of cheap cell phone repair work. You avoid paying for the expertise of a professional. Much of the cost of repair comes from paying for labor, as most cell phone screens are relatively inexpensive to replace.

You also have to deal with a time issue when you take a Smartphone into a retail outlet for repair service. The amount of time it takes for a professional to replace a screen depends on the extent of the damage and how many other repair jobs the professional has scheduled before he or she gets to your phone.

Advantages of Professional Cell Phone Screen Repair

Sometimes, saving both time and money in the short term is not worth the risk of further damaging a phone screen. For cases that require the expertise of a professional, you may need to take your phone to a store for repair work. The authorized retail outlet may be able to give you a loaner phone until the professional replaces the damaged screen.

Here are some more reasons to request professional phone screen repair:

Other Risks

You face several other risks by performing do it yourself screen repair. First, when you open the phone, the action immediately voids the warranty. The end of the warranty puts additional pressure on you to fix the screen properly. Second, if you perform a DIY cell phone screen repair, you risk not backing up the phone and hence, losing all the contacts, documents, and applications saved on the phone.

Using the Right Tools and Performing the Correct Procedures

You can watch Apple or YouTube videos until your eyes dry out and still not know how to complete a cell phone screen repair project successfully. It does not take much exertion to turn a simple cracked screen repair job into a shattered screen. Not only do professionals know what tools to use and what procedures to perform, but the pros also possess the steadiest of hands.

Cost of iPhone 6 Screen Repair

Designed with mostly metal and glass, the iPhone 6S often falls victim to Murphy’s Law of iPhone Screen Repair: What can fall on a concrete ground will fall on a concrete ground. The glass screen does not have much of a chance to withstand a fall as short as a couple of feet. Unless you invested in an impact resistant Ballistic case, chances are good you can expect to bring your Smartphone in for phone screen repair.

What are your options for cell phone screen repair, if you do not purchase monthly phone insurance? The answer to the question should be directed to Apple.

Turn Phone Screen Repair into Apple Screen Replacement

Having Apple replace your cell phone screen does involve the frustration experienced by customers of other cell phone manufacturers. Apple operates a helpful customer service department that guides you towards the best phone screen repair option. How much you pay for cell phone screen repair depends on the extent of the damage and whether you are still eligible for Apple’s phone warranty plan. Apple offers a tool on its website for you to check the status of your iPhone warranty coverage.

Apple charges $129 plus tax to fix a damaged iPhone 6S screen. For iPhone screen repair on the 6S Plus, you can expect to pay $149 plus tax. The standard iPhone 6 screen costs only $109 to replace. If you do not live near an Apple store, send your device through the United States Postal Service and pay a shipping fee of $6.95. Many Apple customers purchase AppleCare+ that costs $99 for two years of coverage. Participation in AppleCare+ lowers the cost of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus repair to $99. However, AppleCare+ covers just two instances of damage caused to any iPhone6 product.

If your iPhone is under warranty and the iPhone screen repair you need involves fixing a single hairline crack, Apple might repair the screen without charging you for the service. In most cases, hairline screen cracks are caused by faulty glass, not the force of the impacts delivered by accidental falls.

Consumers that decide to bring in iPhones for repair should go to the manufacturer, Apple. The company charges less, and the repair work does not void your iPhone warranty. In fact, Apple extends warranties by 90 days for customers that bring in their devices for screen repairs or replacements. Moreover, by making a Genius Bar appointment, you might convince Apple to fix your iPhone for free, even if the damage is more than a hairline crack.

The only drawback to Apple’s superior customer service is you need to live near one of the company’s stores. In-store appointments take up to an hour, while you can wait at least 10 days for the return of an iPhone you sent in the mail for screen repair.

Cell Phone Screen Repair versus Buying a New Phone

When you need iPhone screen repair because of a dent or crack, the tempting thing to do is say “Heck, I’ll just buy a new cell phone.” However, you have to think about several factors before making the call between cell phone screen repair and buying a new phone from your favorite manufacturer.

For a minor crack that requires little repair work, there is no need to plunk down hundreds of dollars for a new cell phone. Even if your device needs a screen replacement, the cost and time lost for repair work are typically minimal. The question to repair or not repair becomes more difficult when the damage inflicted on a phone screen requires extensive professional service.

Let’s ask one question before proceeding: How happy are you with the performance of your current cell phone? Does the phone offer all of the performance features you want or has the same manufacturer released a new and improved model of the cell phone you currently own? Remember that a cell phone screen that cracks, but does not shatter, might still offer 100 percent touchscreen functionality. Just because the screen received damage does not mean the touch screen is out of order.

The easy and most frequently chosen option for a damaged cell phone screen is to receive phone screen repair. If you are sure a professional can restore the screen to mint condition, then the most affordable option is to repair the phone screen. A quick phone screen repair or replacement ensures you experience little if any disruption in your wireless communication activity.

The question of repairing or purchasing a new phone often boils down to one question:

How much longer do you plan to use your current phone, granted the touchscreen is 100 percent operational?

Prevention is 99% of the Cure for Phone Screen Repair

It often feels like the communication device we hold in our hands is an extension of our arm. The device not only goes with us everywhere we travel, but it also stays in our hand throughout the day and night. Even when we put our cell phones down on a desk or table, it is always close enough to take the next call or respond to the next text message.

When we inevitably drop our communication heartbeats, we have to think about cell phone screen repair solutions that include leaving the old phone behind for a better designed new Smartphone.

Not so fast. We have the power to prevent the damage done to cell phones by adopting a strategy that not only extends the life of our arm extensions but also saves us a little money in the process.

Buy a Bumper Case

Since we agree it is only a matter of time before we drop our cell phones, why not become proactive and protect our cherished communication devices by surrounding the glass or plastic screen with a bumper case. A bumper case represents an affordable solution that adds a pad to each of the phone corners. Edging or resilient ridges absorb the impact of falls from virtually every distance. Of course, we do not advocate dropping your iPhone from the third floor of your home, but the point is you can put a stop to the misery endured by needing iPhone screen repair by adding a protective bumper case. You can find bumper case selections at gas stations, retail outlets, and cell phone repair businesses.

Screen Protectors: Plastic or Tempered Glass?

Although a bumper case does a great job of preventing phone screens from making direct contact with the floor or ground, the fact remains a few cases of accidental drops lead to the need for cell phone screen repair. For the protection of your cell phone screen, we suggest going with a screen protector to prevent your phone screen from cracking or shattering.

As the cheaper material offered for screen protectors, a plastic screen protector is simple to attach, and the rugged plastic does much more than guard against cracks. Plastic screen protectors also minimize the impact dust and debris have on the performance of your cell phone. Remember to remove air bubbles to maintain a clean appearance. If you want a screen protector upgrade, consider going with tempered glass. Hard to crack tempered glass absorbs the extra pressure applied from long drops. The upgrade in screen protector material does not cost much more money.

Before you inadvertently drop your cell phone, learn about the options you have for cell phone screen repair. From performing cheap cell phone screen repair yourself to preventing damage to a glass phone screen, you have several ways to ensure you get the most out of your handheld wireless communication device.


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