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What Age is Early Retirement?

by Jim Hughes   Feb 18, 2020

While the average U.S. employee is retiring later than ever, there are ways to get out of the workforce early. Enjoy more of your golden years by reading our tips on how to retire at 55.

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Early retirement age begins at any age before 65. If you decide to retire before this age, you will need to find another form of health insurance coverage, as Medicare is not provided until you reach the age of 65. You can look online through health care exchange markets to find what is most suitable for you, and make sure you are covered, regardless of pre-existing conditions and issues.

Early retirement can be challenging as it means to acquire enough money to leave your job and life without a paycheck every two weeks. Those who enjoyed easy approval payday loans while being employed may find it more difficult to get funding after retirement.

It is best to be sure you have enough assets to support life without a steady income. If you want to retire at 55, you may need to have enough savings for the next 35 to 45 years to provide for yourself. If you decide to retire after the age of 65, you may not need to save up as much money. Speaking with a financial advisor or simply using a retirement income calculator can help you determine where your finances need to be so you are sufficiently stable enough to retire at the age you choose.

How to Retire at 55

It is possible to retire at 55; however, you do have to take into consideration that your savings will need to support you for the next three or four decades. It will not be an easy feat, but it is possible. Those who retire at 55 have most commonly been a part of the military or worked with the public force, such as policemen or firefighters. These workers retire with a full pension and health care, even though they are not 65 years of age. If you are a part of the civil service or military, it is significantly easier to retire by the age of 55.

How to retire early.

It will be challenging to retire at an earlier age; however, it is possible. Tight budgeting and maintaining a 401k will help you achieve your goal. Spend wisely, and be sure to cut excessive expenses. Small luxuries such as coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages, and dinners will add up and take away from your long-term savings account.

A 401k allows you to have access to funds as early as 55 without having to pay an early withdrawal penalty tax. However, this only works if you leave your employer after the age of 55.

The best way to retire early is to plan and plan wisely. Unless you receive a large inheritance or have a trust fund, you will most likely need to budget and save up as much money as you can to retire early.

What is the Best Age to Retire?

There is no best age to retire early; it depends on the person and how well they have accounted for their spending and budgeting. Being a responsible spender and saver will determine when you can comfortably retire.

Those who retire early sometimes need to borrow money to pay bills. One short-term option is using payday loans online to cover expenses.

Retiring from work may not be a realistic option for you. You may not like the idea of living off your savings for the rest of your life, or not having a stable income anymore. You may even enjoy working and having something to do with your time. Often, people will choose semi-retirement over full retirement, because they still have financial needs and do not want to burn through their savings account.

You can work part-time, maintain a small business, or do freelance work to sustain yourself as you ease into retirement. Many individuals choose to start their dream business after they retire, or they pick up a new hobby that turns into a part-time job.

Being semi-retired also means that you have options. For example, you can become a consultant in your area of expertise, and guide others towards their goals and aspirations. You have the option of working from home and not having to deal with a long commute or loud office environment. Remote jobs include freelance writing, copyediting, blogging, web development, or web design. You may choose to start a small business and use some money to invest in it. Just be sure not to use a large portion of your funds; you do not want to put your retirement money in jeopardy.

How Much Money You Need to Retire

This depends on your income level and how much you spend on average. The best way to determine how much money you need to retire is by using a calculator. It will help you find the amount you should be saving monthly to retire by 65 or whatever age you choose. This type of calculator includes interest and inflation rates in its analysis, as well as potential salary increases and rate of return on retirement.

There are a few factors to consider when thinking about retirement. Depending on where and how often you work, you may still receive medical and retirement benefits from your employer. If you choose to be semi-retired, you may lose these benefits.

Income tax is another factor. Some individuals find themselves in a higher tax bracket due to their retirement income and their part-time job. Be sure to adjust your work hours and withdrawals from your 401k to avoid a significant income tax. Using a cash advance so you don’t have to withdraw from your 401k might be a smart option.

If you choose to retire prematurely, your Social Security benefits may be reduced, even if you are working part-time. This will change once you reach full retirement age.

Ultimately, it is your decision if you would like to be semi-retired and work part-time, retire early, or wait until you have reached 65 to retire with benefits fully. Retiring early means having more time to do the things you love and spending more time with those near and dear to you. It means having the ability to take care of yourself more and tend to your health and mental well-being. This also means your expenses will be higher. You will have less time to save and won’t have a stable income anymore. It means keeping yourself busy and active so as not to get bored. Having to budget your savings while finding ways to stay preoccupied may be difficult for some, and you might find yourself feeling spiritless with all the free time you have. It is essential to keep busy and keep your mind moving. Having a purpose or something to look forward to is necessary to live a healthy, long life.

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