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Cash loans online: everything you need to know

Since we launched our free loan request service, over 500,000 customers have used to search for short-term funding. It has been our privilege to help many of these people find cash loans online.

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Payday Loans Online No Credit Check

Many U.S. consumers suffer from bad credit and find it difficult to receive traditional funding. While our lenders will almost certainly perform a credit check on you, a low credit score should not automatically disqualify you from receiving funding.

We recommend attempting the process even if you have a poor credit score.

Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders

We work with a network of direct lenders and lending partners. By filling out our loan request form, you may be connected with one of our partners. If not, we will quickly let you know that we were not able to find you funding. Either way, you will receive an answer within a few minutes.

Online Installment Loans

An installment loan is a little different from a payday advance. With an installment option, you pay back your money bit by bit over time. In this case, the money is not always expected in full on the day of your next paycheck.

Some customers prefer this option if they already have plans for the bulk of the money arriving on payday, as it’s smart to avoid rolling over on a payday loan. If you can’t pay back the loan on payday, a rollover can be a real possibility.

Installment loans tend to be for more money than payday loans. On our site, if you request $100 to $1,000, we may try to connect you with a payday lender. If you request $1,000 to $5,000, it is more likely that we will try to find you an installment loan provider.

Tips for paying back a loan on time.

Tips for Paying Back a Loan on Time

Before you accept a loan, it’s important to consider how you will pay back the money. Some people search for “instant payday loans” without giving any thought to how the repayment will work. This is a mistake.

Do some deep thinking about your loan by reviewing the following points before accepting short-term funding:

  • Unpaid debt grows. If you aren’t careful, a short-term loan can get you caught up in a spiral of debt. This is when the money you owe grows (thanks to compounding interest and fees) at a rate faster than you can pay it off.
  • Emergencies come in threes. If you need your funding in a hurry, it’s likely because you’re caught up in some emergency. It’s important to remember that another emergency could be right around the corner, and if you are already on the hook for one loan, your situation might be a whole lot worse when you desperately need another.
  • Your creditors might work with you. If you plan to use a loan to consolidate old debts, you might be better off renegotiating with the original creditors. They might extend your due date and even lower the amount you owe.
  • You might have other options. A high-fee loan should always be your last resort. When was the last time you asked a bank for money? Your credit situation may have changed since the last time. Alternative Internet lending makes it possible for many different types of borrowers to receive personal loans. Peer-to-peer lending is just one example of how the Internet is shaking up the old lending model. Try out the lower-interest options before signing up with a short-term loan lender.
  • Know your state rights. Every state in the U.S. has its own rules and regulations associated with short-term lending. Most lenders follow these rules, but you should know about your rights just in case you need to remind a lender about them.

If you do sign on the dotted line and accept a short-term loan, you might benefit from these tips for paying back a loan on time:

  • If you accept a payday loan, that means your next paycheck is not your own. That money will go to your creditor, so your payday loan needs to last you all the way until your next paycheck. Plan accordingly.
  • Stretch any gifts you receive. If you have a birthday coming up, you might enjoy a few gifts that can immediately go toward paying back your loan. For instance, you can sell gift cards for cash and then use that money toward your loan.
  • Create a realistic spending plan. Like a diet that’s destined to fail because it doesn’t let you eat what you like to eat, a budget without room for a couple of bad purchases will quickly fall apart. If you use a financial expert to plan a budget, make sure he or she knows about all your spending habits.
  • Cut the cord and the streaming subscriptions. Cord-cutters wear their lack of network TV like a badge of honor, assuming they are saving money by subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu instead. In reality, the cost of multiple streaming subscriptions can be comparable to cable TV subscription.
  • Add a roommate to your apartment or a rent a room out in your house. If you live in an apartment without an apartment manager, you should inquire about becoming the apartment manager, which may result in a rent reduction.
  • If using public transportation or biking to work is an option, you could maybe sell your car and use the proceeds to pay off your debt.
  • Stop eating out. It’s usually cheaper to cook food yourself rather than eating out at a restaurant. This is especially true if you can buy in bulk and plan your meals.
  • Avoid impulse purchases. By definition, an impulse purchase is money you did not plan on spending. Your budget should account for the occasional treat, but when you are paying back debt, these wasteful practices should be bypassed whenever possible.
  • Stop smoking and drinking. You will save a lot of money if you can cut cigarettes and alcohol out of your weekly purchases, and then not replace them with something that is also expensive. Coffee from coffee shops is also a very expensive habit.
  • Apply for free money. There are federal grants and other ways to get free money from the government. Sometimes this money stays in Uncle Sam’s pockets because not enough people apply for it. Don’t leave money on the table.

Borrowing money can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. It can fill the pit of your stomach with a heavy dread. It only gets worse when you can’t stop the debt from growing. Plan now so you don’t get thrown for a loop by an unexpected debt spiral. Know your way out from the start and stick to it.

Where to find fast cash loans online

Where to Find a Fast Cash Loan Online

You don’t need to go very far to request a payday or installment loan on the Internet. We provide the service right here.

Using our loan request form is one of the easiest ways to start your search for funding.

We streamlined the entire process. Just fill out all the fields you see in the following sections:

  • Personal information – This is where you tell us about yourself. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but we do need to know things like your address and birth date to make sure you meet our requirements to connect you with a lender.
  • Employment information – Our lenders need to know how you will be able to pay back your loan. You don’t have to have a job to be connected with a lender, but you do need to have a dependable revenue stream.
  • Bank information – Most payday lenders will deposit your loan money directly into your bank account, and then withdraw the loan money plus the fees and interest at the end of your loan term. This means the lender needs to know if you have an active bank account or not. This is why we ask you for your current banking information.

Your data is kept safe throughout the entire loan request process. We ensure this in the following ways:

  • We only work with reputable lending companies.
  • We protect your data with 256-bit encryption.
  • Our staff is trained in the best practices for on-site data security.

We understand there are many options out there for requesting short-term funding. We appreciate you considering us for the job. Here are some important reasons to use OpenCashAdvance:

  • We accept credit requests from customers of all credit types. Even if you have bad credit, you can still use our loan request form.
  • We offer on-screen results. Within minutes of starting our form, you will know whether or not you have been connected with a lender.
  • We require no obligations or commitments to use our service. Our service is completely risk-free, from start to finish.

If you have any questions about the loan request process, we invite you to contact us. Of course, the easiest way to understand how to use our service is to try it out for yourself. We have made it as easy as possible to get started. Simply click the “Get Started” button at the top of the page to see for yourself.

Fastest Way to Get Cash Now

You won’t read this on too many websites, but it actually takes longer to get your payday advance online than in the store. The soonest that online lenders can get you your money is usually in at least one business day. Comparatively, you can walk out of a storefront with cash in hand on the same day.

We work primarily with online lenders. If you wish to work with a storefront, then you will need to find them some other way. One option would be to search for options through your browser and check the results closest to your house. If you go this route, be sure to read the user reviews for each location you are interested in.

If you can’t find user reviews for a storefront, and it is not a brand name you recognize, then it might be best to avoid that location.

Convenience can be defined a couple of different ways when it comes to borrowing money. On the one hand, there is the convenience of getting what you want as quickly as possible. If that’s what matters most to you, then a storefront might be your best option. On the other hand, there is something to be said about getting much if not all the process finished from your computer.

For a quick, hassle-free experience, we recommend starting the process through our site. We admit, though, that if what you need most is a loan today, the way to do that is going to be through a storefront loan.

Other Options for Payday Loans

We're not the only site that helps you find fast cash advances. You can also use to request a paycheck advance. If you are looking for short-term loan alternatives, you might want to see if you are eligible for government benefits or grants.

Final Thoughts

Our heart goes out to all those searching the Internet for cash loans online. Finding money quickly on the Internet can be a terrible process, as there are many fake loan companies out there who act in bad faith. It is our goal to help our customers avoid those disreputable financiers.

To make sure you don’t fall prey to a cyber-criminal during your quest for funding, please be aware of these tactics for avoiding those who would try to trick borrowers out of money online:

  • Never pay a “processing fee” for a short-term loan. A legitimate lender will never demand you pay a fee to receive your loan funds. The fees should never come before you receive your money.
  • Do not be intimidated into providing your personal information or paying a fee over the phone. Real lenders will not request money over the phone for a loan they have not given you yet. That is illegal.
  • Do not wire or send money directly to an individual. Your payments should only be made to the loan company from which you have borrowed.

Finding a payday or installment loan doesn’t have to be difficult. We made the process as simple as possible. We invite you to get started right now, so you can get connected with a cash loan online today.