Can You Get a Same Day Cash Advance Loan Online?

You see it all the time – big billboards promising you a same day cash advance. Is it too good to be true? If you’re trying to get the money online, then it probably is. You usually have to wait about one business day after you’re approved for a loan to get your money from an online lender. That’s still a lot faster than the average wait time for a bank or credit union, but if you’re looking for a same day cash advance, you might have to head over to your local cash advance store. Before you do that, here are a few reasons why it still makes sense to get your cash advance loan online.

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Money Sans Hassle

If this is your first cash advance, then you might not know how much of a hassle it can be to work with a lender in person. First, you have to get to the lender’s store. After that, you have to go back home because you forgot to bring a physical copy of all the documents they require. You might say, “I have digital copies on my phone. Could you just print them out?” They will then direct you to a nearby printing store that’ll charge you an arm and a leg to print out the documents. By the time you get back to the cash advance store, there’s a sign on the door saying the entire staff decided to take a two-hour lunch. Okay, so that’s a worst-case scenario. I’ll admit that. Your experience probably won’t be that much of a hassle, but it’ll be more trouble than applying online, where you can usually take care of everything from the comfort of your house, and usually in less than an hour.  

It’s Still Fast

Tomorrow isn’t today, but it’s pretty close. Chances are your creditor will give you one more day to pay your debt. Double-check with them to make sure, of course. If they absolutely won’t budge, then you might be forced to pursue a same-day cash advance. The best way to do that would be to call your local lenders and ask them how fast they can get you the money.     

Our Online Loan Finding Site is Free to Use

When you walk into a lender’s store, you might not know what you’re getting yourself into. Even if you’ve checked the company on an online rating site, you can’t be 100-percent confident that those reviews weren’t written by the company’s employees, friends, and family. We know the lenders we work with. So you can believe us when we say we’ll try to find you a reputable lender. We think it’s worth it to wait one day for your money if you know it’s coming from a reputable lender.  

The Fees Will Likely Be Similar

When you buy tickets online, you’re often charged a “convenience fee” that can be high enough to make you want to cancel your order, drive to the venue, and buy the tickets directly from the box office. Don’t worry – you don’t have to worry about higher fees when you work with an online lender. Chances are you will pay similar finance charges whether you apply for a loan in person or online. A recent study by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that competition in the cash advance market does not explain lower finance charges. Rates are usually set at or near the limits set in state regulations, and only get lower when the state forces them to be lowered.    

Don’t Be Fooled By Same Day Cash Advance Loan Websites

If you search the Internet for a “same day cash advance online loan,” you’ll find a lot of websites that promise this service. But when you read the fine print you discover that the “same day” refers to when your application will be approved. More times than not, you don’t get your money until the next business day. We think it’s kind of dishonest for a site to advertise same day loans when you don’t get the money until the next day. It should make you wonder what else they might be deceitful about. That’s why we openly admit that it’s going to take the lender at least one business day to transfer your money.  

“Easy Come, Easy Go” Does Not Apply to Cash Advance Loans

Whether you end up getting a same day cash advance loan online or you have to wait a day, you should remember that just because you got your money fast, that doesn’t mean it’s any less serious of a debt. You need to pay this money back. The sooner the better. You don’t want to have to take out another loan to pay off your first one. The interest can add up really fast. We’re sorry to not offer an online same day cash advance. But we really do have the next best thing, which might actually be even better. If you want to apply for an online loan, we can help you find a lender. Simply fill out our secure loan request form and we’ll try to find you a reputable lender in your area.